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Prima, Geosteady flex over child support

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By Ahmad Muto

City socialite Prima Kardashi is serving her baby daddy, singer Geosteady, the most subtle kind of baby mama drama known in town. While hanging out with her friends, singers Fille and Babarita, she opened up to them about how it is not wise to keep demanding for child support from a man who is well aware he has children he fathered somewhere. She said it makes the man think she lives off the child support which is very reckless. 
“For him he thinks the money he is sending is what I am going to survive on. You have to show him that you can survive without him. A man who has the ability to bear children should have the ability to send child support without you asking. If he does not, you should not call. Show him you can handle. If he is not going to do it, you move on,” she explained. 
It turns out, it is the video that irritated Geosteady days ago to the point of going on a rant on social media saying he stopped talking about her so she could be the good one, but she seems unsettled and cannot resist talking about him in public. He advised her to focus on her new relationship instead.

“I left in peace never to talk about the person in you to the public, left you to be the good one. I am out here seeking for green pastures, but you ain’t settled about me yet. I am a bad guy, I am disrespectful, I do not support people, U say I fight your business, I have no kids with you. We literally have no strings attached anymore never to see my text nor call nor my ugly face live. Focus on happiness with your guy just like I do with me. Leave my name and I wish u could. Thanks,” he wrote. 
Prima and Geosteady split in 2020 after a long a fight. They have two children together. Prima is currently dating media personality, Henry Arinaitwe.

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