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Priest loads couples with 18 golden rules of marriage

by Editorial Team
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By Mathias Mazinga

Lubaga Cathedral Tuesday Class Alumni’s Association, a Christian fellowship organization that brings together couples that wedded at Lubaga Cathedral, celebrated its 1st anniversary on Sunday.

Like any other Catholic event, the function started with a thanksgiving mass at Lubaga Cathedral. It was celebrated by the Archbishopship of Kampala, Paul Ssemogerere.

The couples subsequently converged at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel, Lubaga, for their reception.

A couple at the thanksgiving mass (Photo: Matthias Mazinga)

Interestingly though, it was not the prayers, or the feasting that made the celebration all that colorful.

What actually made the day was the insightful marital lecture that was delivered by Fr. Dr. Joseph Sserunjoji, the Rector of St. Mbaaga’s Major Seminary Ggaba.

Cake was cut to mark the anniversary of the Tuesday class (Photo: Matthias Mazinga)

The man of God gave ’18 Rules of marriage,’ which deserve deep attention. Here they are.

  • Be Thankful to God for the gift of your spouse
  • Continue to be a creature unlike any other
  • Keep your own previous life in some matters
  • Lower your expectations in the first year
  • Be a team
  • Accept that some things are none of your business
  • Let him/her win (learn to let go of certain things)
  • Be supportive
  • Don’t ask single friends for marital advice
  • Give him/her 15 minutes alone when she/he comes home
  • Say what you mean in the nicest possible way (mind your language)
  • To Compare is to despair (don’t compare him/her to other)
  • Never deny your spouse the conjugal acts (sex) without (objective) good reason
  • Hold judgement until you have had all facts
  • Be an example to the kids in all aspects (don’t complain about them)
  •  Good parenting to be given propriety)
  • Don’t find fault with things you knew about when you married him/her (there are no victims but volunteers)
  • Know that genuine love entails saying ‘I am sorry’
  • Make forgiveness daily activity (Lk. 17:3-4; Mt. 18:21-35).

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