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Premium Ugandan wine opens shop to Kampala party scene

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

To be able to discern and articulate great from lackluster wine quality is rare. Even more scarce in Uganda are sommeliers; the seasoned type whose palates wield professional capacity wine tasting verdicts. The ones who can effortlessly catch a whiff of good (or bad) life just by sniffing off the edges of a wine glass.  Which is why when launching in Uganda, the team of Avaland Wine, a premium wine sought out the services of a select few sommeliers from the different high-brow societies of Uganda. The result was a sequence of great dining and wining experiences. After what seemed like a country wide tour,  many attested to the fact that Avaland wine is, indeed, a premium wine made for the noble.

“Like the bottle says, Avaland Wine is made for kings. The sweet red is magical. It touches, soothes and inspires. The White Sweet is undoubtedly something special as well. Such great aroma. Such heavenly taste. It is something you taste and think about luxury living. It is a bottle you take with when flying out of the country, because what if they don’t have the best wine in the world where you are going,” exclaimed Nancy, a seasoned wine connoisseur.

She said this during an interview with this website at one of the few  exclusive Wine Tasting events held by Uganda’s first premium wine Avaland Wine as a way of launching to the public officially.

Speaking at one of the wine tasting experiences, the CEO of Avaland Wine, Andrew Mukalere said they’ve decided to enter the market with the most revered brands.

“It takes concerted effort to produce a great quality. It takes the effort of the manufacturer, and the effort of the consumer. The manufacturer has got to understand what the consumer needs. In the case of Avaland wine, the consumer has got to have good taste. If they want the finer stuff in life. If they are all about luxury and the finer fabrics of life’s ever changing tides, then they are the ones we manufactured Avaland Wine for. It’s a great wine for great people. Avaland Wine is made for kings,” explained Mukalere, the CEO of Avaland Wine.

Avaland Wine is a premium fruit wine manufactured with high quality local sourced fruits. The premium  wine is packaged in two forms, White Sweet and Red Sweet. It is available in select supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and bars across the city. It is also available for ordering on Jumia.

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