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Police warns motorists of goons using sacks to block roads

by Editorial Team
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By Alfred Byenkya

The territorial police in Kampala has warned motorists to be alert while driving at night because there are criminals that are throwing sacks on the road, as a new technique of robbing people with cars

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said in a statement that they registered a case of that nature recently when a man known as Muhammad Muzammil was blocked by sacks as he approached the Naalya Junction on the northern by pass road at night

“The aim of such attacks is to force motorists to stop along the road or highway, to check their motor vehicles. And it is during that process that, gang members, pounce in and attack. Other dangerous tools used include; boulders, rocks, sharp instruments, dirty water and sticky substances on the wind screens, thrown at the motor vehicle to purposely distract or jam the motor vehicle,” he said.

He said it is Muhammad’s defensive skills that saved his car from being blocked by the criminal gangs

“We further urge all motorists to practice or refresh their defensive or evasive driving techniques, when in the face of danger. These include; car cornering and other precise maneuvers, outpacing an attacker, reversing at terrible speed, driving through the obstacle where possible or even hooting for serious help,” he explained

He said that they have began investigations to see how best this type of crime can be handled because it’s new to them

“Meanwhile, our intelligence, operational and IT teams, continue to troll the CCTV footages, around the area and gather intelligence that can help us identify the culprits and bring them to book,” he added 

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