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Police unaware of Chameleone flogging incident, singer blames detractors

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire has come out to reveal that they are unaware of an incident where singer Jose Chameleone is pictured flogging a boda boda cyclist by the roadside.

On Friday morning, a video emerged online showing the pencil thin musician, unleashing several canes on a lone boda boda rider at a yet unnamed stage in the city. The unfortunate incident, which lasted a couple of seconds was filmed by someone in the distance. From the footage, the rider is seen trying to fight back, while being restrained by fellow riders.

It is alleged that the Boda guy knocked Chameleone’s Range Rover. However, in the video someone is heard saying that the Boda man didn’t hit the car and Chameleone was just being ill-mannered.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, when asked about the incident, revealed that they are unaware and are looking around to determine whether the assaulted rider opened up a case.

Many on social media however conclude it is a recent incident considering it comes at a time boda boda riders in the city were asked to wear reflector jackets.

However Chameleone’s publicist, Stuart Kagoro out the incident in perspective. He says the unfortunate incident happened last year in November and blames the rider for the mess. He insists that Jose Chameleone acted in self defence.

” On the morning of Thursday 17th November 2022 an uncomfortable incident involving a Boda Boda rider and Jose Chameleone escalated as Chameleone was driving back to his home in Seguku where a reckless rider rammed into his Range Rover leaving the left side of it scratched.

Chameleone could have ignored the incident if not for the verbal insults and threats to physical assault that came from the rider. The seen incident was in self defence as the charged Boda boda rider tried to approach. The incident is regrettable and could have been avoided. Similar incidents will be handled better going forward,” he said.

He wondered about the timing of the video which is released weeks into Chameleone’s widely anticipated “Gwanga Mujje” concert due on February 10, at Lugogo Cricket Oval, saying it could be the work of detractors to destabilize the singer’s focus ahead of his first major show in three years.


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