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Police to crackdown on bloggers

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

A section of microblog have been arrested for what police calls malicious rumor-mongering online.

These have faced the wrath of authorities for spreading malicious propaganda which not only put the nation’s security and integrity at stake.
 Among those arrested are a one Julius Bbosa a vocal Chinese -based blogger who was arrested in Entebbe.

According to a source in security who spoke on condition of anonymity, Bbosa and many others at large have taken advantage of being base abroad to spread harmful propaganda.

Some have, like Bbosa gone ahead to show support for Queer agenda, which is outlawed in Uganda.  It is believed that Bbosa and many at large are involved in recruiting unsuspecting youth to the vice and police has cast a net wide in order to crack down on them.

“They will be paraded in court. One of them has been staying in China since 2018 and he will lead us to others,” the source reveals.

The arrest of Bbosa and others comes at a time when government wants to crack down on ‘toxic’ Fred Lumbuye, a well-known blogger, social media activist and critic of President Yoweri Museveni

In many of his vlogs, Lumbuye is seen donning the popular red beret attached to the people power movement and its supporters in Uganda.

Early this month, security officials said that Lumbuye and several bloggers who are based in Europe and Asia were behind the social media rumours that announced President Museveni dead.

However, Human Rights Watch groups say that amid mysterious incidents of arrests, some opposition figures and activists are worried that the bad days of the 1960s and 1970s, when the country was under states of emergency with state-inspired arrests, kidnaps and extra-judicial operations, could be slowly resurfacing.

“ The recent wave of abductions brings back memories of the past general election when hundreds of opposition supporters across the country, some of whom are yet to be seen again, were taken away by gunmen,”  an observer says

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