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Police ready to grab Sipapa like a” rat on the highway”

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

The Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola has directed the Traffic Police Director to ensure vehicles belonging to showy city socialite Charles Olim, a.k.a Sipapa for becoming a menace on the road.

This follows an uproar on Twitter over the weekend when Sipapa allegedly knocked another motorist on the opposite side of the road and sped off after threatening to harm them.

Sipapa later took to Facebook to claim he was fleeing from fans who swarmed his car begging for money prompting him to drive off.

Now sources from Police tell us that they are ready to grab Sipapa like a rat on the highway.

The phrase “rat on a highway” became an internet sensation in Kenya in December 2016.  This was after Alex Sudi, a doctor based in Mombasa, was filmed by journalists during his dramatic arrest by traffic Police.  In the clip, Sadi tongue-lashed the officials saying he was being arrested like a rat on the highway.

Looking visibly drunk and sounding a little incoherent, Sudi blasted the officials telling them to stop wasting their good time.

Kenyan Doctor Alex Sadi who was arrested like a rat on the highway (Photo: file)

“When you catch me like a rat on the highway…and I have been driving for over 20 years and you come talking to me big nonsense…stop wasting your time, stop wasting your good time because that is where you go wrong,” he said then.

Now, the IGP wants Sipapa brought to book.  “The matter was brought to the attention of the Inspector General of Police. It has been well acknowledged and instructions to the Police Traffic and Road Safety Director to ensure the vehicle is traced wherever it is,”Enanga said on Monday.

He has on several occasions been accused of knocking other road users and takes off.

In 2020, Sipapa’s convoy opened fire at a group of National Unity Platform supporters in Kamwokya

“Sipapa is untouchable and even top-ranking cops fear him. They don’t know how he acquired armed state security. But I hope you will find justice one day,” NBS TV’s  Canary Mugume commented on one of the posts.

Enanga insists Sipapa is not larger than life. “We have ever arrested him at Kira road but that day there was an understanding between him and the victim. They settled the matter but we have ever arrested him,

Enanga noted that he would soon reach out to the Traffic Police director to find out the whether Sipapa’s vehicle has been impounded or not as had been directed by the IGP.

“We shall generate report to be shared with the respective authority to ensure action is taken. We just need to get to know how far with the directive.  It is something acknowledged by the IGP and instructions given to the director.”



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