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Police quizzes officers over promoting energy drink

by Editorial Team
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By Chris Kiwawulo                         

The Uganda Police leadership has condemned the use of its image to advertise a local energy drink called ‘Mukamanayamba’.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, today said the appearance of officers in uniforms and the use of police logistics for work outside police duty without the express permission of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), is strictly prohibited.

 “The police leadership has come out to strongly condemn the use of its image as content in a Controversial Commercial Advert of an energy drink popularly known as ‘Mukamanayamba’,” Enanga said.

The advert that has caused Police officers problems. They are set for quizzing at the Police Standards Unit.

 In the advert, the drink manufacturers claim it helps to improve male potency.   

 The advert plays out in typical comical fashion.  The main actor, humorist, Godfrey Seguya popularly known as Kayibanda, loses his bag to a goon. He lets out a piercing alarm, and calls the Police.

  With sirens blazing, a Police 999 truck arrives at the scene and helps him recover the bag.   Wads of cash in the bag are intact but Kayibanda repeatedly wails that he has lost his prized asset; two cartons of the potent drink Mukamanayamba.

According to Enanga, the police officers for their selfish gains use, appeared for a commercial advertisement without approval from the IGP. He revealed that the officers are now a subject of investigation by the police’s Professional Standards Unit.                 

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