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Police pounces as city lawyer is killed in bar brawl

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The Police have kicked off investigations under which Tony Ngobi Kanalo, a prominent lawyer died from head injuries sustained during a brawl in a bar in Mengo, a Kampala suburb.

The incident happened at around 1am on  Independence Day eve at T.1 bar in Mengo.

“During the incident, Kanalo was pushed by a bouncer and hit his head on concrete.  He lay unattended to before a Samaritan rushed him to hospital where he was diagnosed with a blood clot on the head ” Kampala Metropolitan deputy spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said.

Eyewitness accounts also point out that during the fateful morning, the bouncer hit the lawyer, forcing him to land on his head “uncontrollably” on the ground.

“He was left unconscious outside the bar where a good Samaritan found him , approximately an hour later, “said Harold Kaija, the FDC deputy Secretary General.

The lawyer who was first rushed to the nearby Lisa medical center for first aid was later transferred to Mengo hospital from where he died over the weekend.

Owoyesigire said that  following the incident, the bouncer, identified as Muhammad Lubega was arrested over assault and after the death of the lawyer, his charges have now been elevated to murder.

According to Owoyesigyire, Police are now looking for the proprietor and manager of the place where the lawyer was beaten from.


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