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Police officer accused of sneaking out robbery suspect, sleeping with her

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By Eddie Ssejjoba 

The saying, man eateth where he worketh, has never been as relevant as in the case of a police officer allegedly having carnal knowledge of a suspect.

The Police in Rukiga district in western Uganda have arrested their own, number 54089 PC  Venerato Muhumuza, 56, attached to Kashambya Police Station. He is accused of allegedly sneaking out of police cells a female suspect, who had been held on robbery charges and taking her to his house at night for sex.

The Kigezi region spokesperson, Elly Maate, confirmed the incident. The case has been registered as Rukiga CRB 027/2022 and categorised as aggravated trafficking in persons.

The incident occurred on Monday at 6:00pm.

It’s alleged that the 28-year-old suspect, who turned into a victim, had been arrested and charged with simple robbery of about sh1m and a mobile phone. She was detained at Kashambya Police Station for investigations. But according to Maate, Muhumuza, who was on duty, is alleged to have convinced the victim, and taken her to his place, where he allegedly had carnal knowledge of her.

“This was immediately established by the in-charge CID,  one D/C Ampeire Asaph, who thought the suspect had escaped from lawful custody, but only to realise she was in the house of the same,” Maate said.

He explained that the CID officer notified Rukiga Central Police Station and a team lead by the district CID officer responded and found both the victim and the suspect locked in the house.

The officer was arrested and charged accordingly.

Maate said investigations were ongoing.


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