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Police issue fresh guidelines for World Cup

by Editorial Team
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By Charles Etukuri

The Police have issued fresh guidelines aimed at safeguarding members of the public as they watch the World Cup, which starts today, November 20, 2022.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango on Saturday, November 19, 2022, urged the public to be on the lookout “although intelligence has not picked terror threats towards Uganda.”

He noted that terrorists normally have a tendency of celebrating their anniversaries.

“You remember in 2010 during the finals of the World Cup what happened in Kampala and this is the week they hit Kampala and again with twin bombings last year,” Onyango said.

“So, these are clear indications that they may want to celebrate and, therefore, we have to be alert and vigilant,” he added.

Onyango said security agencies have been deployed adequately to protect the public as they enjoy football.

“We are calling upon proprietors and managers of places of entertainment, video halls and any place that is going to telecast the World Cup to have trained guards to control access to their premises. They should have scanner machines,” he added.

He also urged them to get in touch with any security agencies within their area for guidance and that managers of these entertainment places should observe the COVID-19 and Ebola standard operating procedures.

“We are calling upon LC1 secretary for defence to sensitise the public to report any suspicious items or person to the nearest Police or to our emergency room telephone 0800 122 291,” Onyango further said.

He also advised the public to watch the World Cup from uncrowded places or at home.

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