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Police in Kampala release list of traffic offenders

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By Umar Kashaka

The Police in Kampala have released a list of vehicles that were recently captured on various CCTV cameras committing traffic offences. 

The list includes the car’s number plate, where one committed the traffic offence, and the time one committed the offence. 

Police on Monday (September 19) advised owners to go to the Central Police Station in Kampala under Ref TSD 10/18/09/2022 and pick up their Express Penalty System (EPS) tickets.

The EPS scheme was introduced under Section 165 of the Traffic and Road Safety Act, 1998, to purposely manage minor traffic offenders.

Its primary objective was to deter road users from committing offences, by levying express penalties, that would help to decongest courts.

The EPS ticket has 25 codes for traffic offences, whose fines vary, depending on the traffic offence committed.

The codes range from sh20,000 to sh200,000, which the offender has to pay or clear within 28 days.

The Police have also been advising motorists to carefully read the tickets issued to them, and follow instructions therein.

They note that it is essential that one pays their ticket on time, as payment automatically leads to closure of the offence.

The Police always feed the number plates of the cars that have defaulted in the CCTV camera system and blacklist them.

The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, explained recently that wherever the vehicle is spotted by the CCTV camera, their traffic officers are alerted, the vehicle is stopped and impounded.  

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