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Police bust bodaboda gang in Kampala

by Editorial Team
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By Simon Masaba

In a fresh case of brazen heists involving bodaboda gangs, the Police over the weekend bust another racket after they trailed and attacked a PayWay technician, Enoch Turyasingura, a resident of Salama Road in Makindye division. 

This was after the attack (on Turyasingura) was captured on the Police’s closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, prompting operatives to intervene in time. 

The 31-year-old employee of PayWay at the Forest Mall branch Lugogo, was travelling on a motorcycle when he was attacked. 

PayWay is an internet-based solution that collects and manages customer payments. 

The Police monitored the suspects fleeing the scene with the victim’s (Turyasingura) bag and chased them. 

Officers in the Police’s CCTV rooms in Kampala notified standby elite crack units who chased and cornered 18-year-old Sula Kavuma aka Muzeeyi. 

Kavuma jumped into the Mukwano Channel after the Police closed in on him. 

Kavuma, a resident of Nansana in Wakiso district, was first detained at Nkrumah Road Police Station, but later on, moved to Central Police Station in Kampala. 

Preliminary investigations indicate that Kavuma was trained and recruited from Ganda in Nansana and claimed it was his first ‘mission’. 

“The suspect said the victim was trailed from his workplace. They believed he was carrying money from the PayWay machine,” read in part excerpts of the Kavuma’s statement with the Police. 

“CCTV footage was played back, and their movements analysed. It was discovered that the victim was trailed by a group of seven motorcycles,” read the report. 

The Police identified registration number plates of the five motorcycles, leading to his accomplices who have since been arrested. 

Knock down robbers – Enanga 

In March, the Police asked the public to knock down robbers. Police publicist Fred Enanga asked the public to be more courageous and engage thugs during street attacks. 

Enanga said: “In the different CCTV footage captured on camera of robberies along Mawanda Road, Bugolobi and Kololo, there was no attempt, from other members of the public to stop violent robbers from injuring and robbing innocent victims.” 

“Use your riding and defensive driving skills on a motorcycle or in a vehicle to save life and property.” 

Accordingly, the Police spokesperson said the brave responders shall be considered and protected under the legal position of self-defence and defence of another. 

“Arrangements are being put in place to offer support to brave and courageous members of the public who counter such criminals and save innocent victims from injury,” he said.

Enanga said this after the Police’s Flying Squad Unit made a breakthrough and arrested 12 suspects behind the muggings and violent attacks on pedestrians. 

‘‘The FSU has intensified operations on bodaboda gangs actively involved in violent attacks against victims by thieves on motorcycles. So far, 12 suspects have been arrested including the two who were part of the gang that attacked Dawit Kasa, an Ethiopian diplomat, on Prince Charles Avenue, Kololo on February 25. 

“Among those arrested are hard-core suspects, who will be arraigned in the court martial due to its stringent bail terms,” the Police spokesperson said. 

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