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Poets thrill fans at Kwivuga session

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By Hussein Kiganda

Guests at the Kwivuga session held at Motiv in the Industrial Area on September 28 were left awe-inspired by the exceptional poetry and spoken word performances delivered by some of the finest Ugandan and Rwandan artists.

The event kicked off at 7:00pm, with a multitude of performers giving their best, reciting well-crafted verses and lyrics, articulating intricate English phrases, and sharing both elucidated and enigmatic folktales imbued with connotational meanings.

The initial performers warmed up the audience for the night that had just ripened. Then, at approximately 8:00pm, the melodious vocalist Carsten Yesuanjagala, renowned for his outstanding performance on Pearl of Africa Star Search, elevated the spirits of many with his gospel anthem Keep Walking and several other heartwarming songs that left the ladies blushing whenever he gazed in their direction.

His Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves compelled revellers to abandon their seats and join in the rhythm, swaying to the beat of his dulcet voice.

Carsten’s mesmerising performance was further embellished by Noah Infexious, whose entrancing string melodies and musical nuances left the ladies in delightful discomfort. With his songbird-like harmonies, even the least motivated revellers found themselves singing along. This was merely the start of an evening filled with merriment.

The highlight of the night came when veteran poet Kagai Ngobi’s well-crafted poem titled But She Wanted It was performed by Luce the poet and Charity. This poignant poem left many in the audience spellbound.

It depicted a harrowing tale of a lady who had assaulted a male friend, but refused to acknowledge it as rape.

Ngobi revealed that the poem was inspired by a real incident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where a female student was sexually assaulted by her acquaintance, and the public hastily passed judgment.

Noah Infexious performs during the Kwivuga Session at Motiv in Industrial Area on September 28, 2023. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Luce also delivered a heartfelt poem, beseeching God about the perceived injustices faced by the underprivileged. As other performers graced the stage, the room resounded with cheers and applause.

The atmosphere reached its zenith when celebrated spoken word artist Mitch Isabirye, renowned for his witty verses in Luganda, took centre stage.

With his renowned poems such as Kampala, Toli Weka, and We Wanted To Be Adults, Mitch had the audience in stitches, eliciting laughter with the irony woven into his compositions. The room practically vibrated with his infectious energy as revellers clamoured for more libations to quench their thirsts, parched by the outpouring of appreciation for his performance.

Rwandan poet Eric 1Key followed Mitch, captivating the audience with his rap and tender romantic words that prompted the ladies to call out his name in the softest of tones.

Rwandan poet Eric 1Key performs at the Kwivuga Session at Motiv in Industrial Area on September 28, 2023. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Although many may not have comprehended the nuances of his Kinyarwanda and French verses, revellers bestowed upon him the attention he so rightfully deserved.

Following a series of thunderous performances, the night culminated with a scintillating performance by popular singer and guitarist Andereya Baguma, who delivered the crescendo of the evening with his songs such as Son of a President.

Kwivuga session is a monthly event held every last Thursday of the month organised by the poetry enthusiast Nunu Umuringa Butare.

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