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Places: Hamilton’s Harp Resort defines fine dining in Kira

by Editorial Team
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By Titus Kakembo

Last week I took a leap of faith and checked out Hamilton’s Harp Resort in Kira, on the outskirts of Kampala City, where those who deserve the best in life pay for fine dining, lawn tennis, basketball, facial, sauna and the gym. The neighbourhood still has the village feel.

I saw obese clients waddle out of small cars and plunge into the swimming pool to control their extending waistlines. Others hopped on bicycles to pedal around the two acres of property to check the shooting weight.

The Halaal Food court is handled by Chef Adija who wears a hat to prevent her hair from contaminating the portions. The salads are chopped, and scents of spices waft in the air as they sizzle.

“The trick is to dress the plate decorously,” confides Adija. “I love seeing diners leak their lips as the attendants walk to the table with their order.”

The sh65,000 portion of fish is so enormous ( Photo: Titus Kakembo)

The sh65,000 portion of fish is so enormous most diners ask for a “doggy” wrap to carry it home for another meal.

In the health section, I met Doreen Tushabe who tipped me about the body shapes of women being described by fruits.

“Some are: banana or pear-shaped,” confided Tushabe. “Those who are very oval are enabled to shape up. The dry skin is made tender. We have the guide to beauty.”

A trainer in the gym John Okedi says men also mind their bodies. They breathe like drowning horses as they lift weights and do pushups.

“Modern men dread that Traffic Officer pot belly,” confides Okedi. “Sit-ups and fine dining can make wonders on an extensive waistline. Extra weight is the cause of an increase in heart-related diseases in Uganda.”

The children are not spared to control their weight in Kira where they ride bicycles, run and jump on bouncing castles for hours on end. The noisy fun is crowned by a cheeseburger, jumbo hot dog, deep-fried fish, goat’s ribs or chicken. The pilao is spiced so well, that any diner would be excused to ask for some more.

Luwombo and eshabwe delicacies can be ordered a day before. 

The bar is stocked with the finest wines and spirits brewed in the world. The sipping is done as one feasts the eyes on large screens showing the F1 rally, Premier League football, Wimbledon Tennis or rugby. A birder can log more than 40 species as the feathered beauties fly, nest and court. Weaver birds, crows, crested cranes and cattle egrets are just a starter

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