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Pictorial: Revellers throng Cricket Oval for Blankets &Wine

by Editorial Team
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By Richard Sanya

The annual Blankets & Wine festival is upon us. With Nigerian star Yemi Alade as the highlight performer, the anticipation was high among revellers who thronged the Oval by lunchtime.

With the ba summer invasion upon us, everyone put up an impression. Foreign accents, Fedora hats, skimpy outfits took center stage. We covered the early birds as they waltzed in.

Ready for the party.
There was a steady stream of fans. Photo Richard Sanya
Three is company. Photo by Richard Sanya
Ready for the Blankets &Wine fest. Photo by Richard Sanya
Fans eagerly await Yemi Alade’s performance. Photo by Richard Sanya
Gideon boots and Khakhi pants. Photo by Richard Sanya
She looked resplendent in her outfit photo. Richard Sanya.

Photos by Ranell Nsereko

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