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PICTORIAL: Open Mic Festival rocks Gulu City

by Editorial Team
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By Nicholas Oneal

The ninth edition of one of the biggest events up north, the Open Mic Festival, was nothing short of a memorable experience for revellers who flocked Jaca Gardens in Gulu on Saturday, December 17.

They were treated to a non-stop party powered by Tusker Lite as they watched the epic performances from different artistes, creatives and DJs on stage all night long.

Some of the ushers at ninth edition of the Open Mic Festival at Jaca Gardens in Gulu city on December 17, 2022. (All photos by Nicholas Oneal)

It was an urban cultural rave with a wide selection of talents like Sundiata, Monopoly, Docky Sandie, Phify Music and more who owned the stage and thoroughly entertained guests.

From nonstop thrilling music to the mini-fashion show that saw the revellers showcase their beautiful African wear, comedy and interactive games like video games and painting, the event delivered a mesmeric experience for guests in attendance like never before.

“Tonight was special. This was the perfect space for our Gulu partiers to come out and witness the different ways in which people are out here expressing their uniqueness to the world. Tusker Lite is out here celebrating everyone who is breaking boundaries and Gulu did not disappoint,” said Elizabeth Mutamuliza, Tusker Lite brand manager.

A woman gets a cocktail at the ninth edition of the Open Mic Festival at the Jaca Gardens

The highlight of the night was when DJ Dranix took over the turntables, pumping up his crowd and showing off his skillset with an incredible playlist for close to 40 minutes.

By 1:00am, revellers had transitioned into dance mode once the show came to a close with many applauding the organisers for a job well done and looking forward to next year.

Guests ordering for drinks at the ninth edition of the Open Mic Festival at Jaca Gardens in Gulu city

The Open Mic Festival is a popularly attended event that showcases some of the best artistes and talents from the north and West Nile regions. It is the biggest promoter of urban culture and is the fastest growing festival in northern Uganda. 

Revelers having a goodtime at Open Mic Festival

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