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PICTORIAL: Dollar scarcity hits Million Dollar Party

by Editorial Team
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By Eddie Ssejjoba

The dollar was scarce at the Million Dollar Party 2022, hosted by Scandinavia-based tycoon, Joseph Wajjala of the Scandinavian Haves at Club Guvnor on December 20.

First, a businessman , identified as George Soryema from Bweyogerere, came along with a troop. After the photoshoot, just outside, bodaboda riders and idlers and bouncers who normally loiter outside Guvnor, waiting around for handouts, provoked him.

“We want money. We want dollars,” they said.

All photos by Eddie Ssejjoba

Soryema obliged and pulled out a bundle of cash. Alas. It was local currency. Fifty notes of Uganda shillings.

When Soryema started dishing out the dime, there was a stampede. The machines and journalists’ cameras survived this. He regretted too. He escaped and entered Guvnor, where he had bought a table at sh2m. He stayed here till the end.

Media personality Itania Mutoni showcased some good dancing skills before announcing the coming of singer Winnie Nwagi. But Wajjala, accompanied by his local manager and promoter Bbosa of Bukedde, had to arrive first, past midnight. He came and posed for photos outside and finally arrived with pomp from ushers.

Wajjala (centre right), accompanied by his local manager and promoter Bbosa of Bukedde
Singer Nwagi and Etania

Drinks then started flowing. The Kirussia side seemed to gather the Basamas, flanked by some local catches who deployed bouncers to limit intruders. They ordered for roasted beef and other things and ate alone as the usual lonely girls, and women stood in the audience, looking.

Nwagi came and performed well. But people were still waiting for the dollars. The Basama threw bucks at her. There were 20k notes. There was another stampede. The majority of people filming using phones were not ordinary guests. They were schemers. They fought for the notes and Nwagi looked on, pretending.

Nwagi receiving a dollar note from Joseph Wajjala

Realising the mess, they issued out more shillings, but this time directly in the hands. Nwagi passed them on to her manager who was standing next to the DJs, to the disappointment of the schemers. One person gave her two notes of dollars.

She was advised to reach the tycoon’s table, Wajjala. She walked there as she sang. He gave her one dollar note. Whether it was a 50 or 100 dollar note, I can’t tell. And she left. She performed well, but the schemers did not enjoy, because they were still waiting. It was a good show. A mix of the young and the old. Some were bounced for being under age.

Entrance fee was 50k.

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