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PICTORIAL: ‘Beneath Beauty’ ups the game for other movie premieres

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Away from the usual local movie premieres in bars and downtown video halls, the Beneath Beauty premiere at Theatre LaBonita on November 25, 2022 was executive, in the league of Mania, Kafa Coh and Tembele.

Well, it all started at around 5:00pm with traditional performances outside Theatre LaBonita. A huge crowd lined Colville Street to watch Rwandan traditional dancers who were there to entertain revellers that had turned up for the event.

The red carpet moment pushed the T-shirt boys away from the cameras as it gave way for those that had dressed for the event.

One of the attendees was heard cracking a joke with a fellow reveller.

“Red carpet is not for T-shirts, brother, it’s for us. Next time, leave your Owino-mentality at home.”

While the big boys whispered into the ears of each other for contacts, those that were not ‘eligible’ for the moment did the “cameraman’s role”, as they looked on in awe.

Wait! Do musicians in Uganda arrive in a convoy of glamorous cars? Well, this was what stole the show for about 30 minutes at the Beneath Beauty premiere. The cast and crew arrived at around 7:00pm amid pomp and mesmerised revellers and passers-by with different fashions. 

Awaited by many, the producer of the movie, Aisha Kyomuhangi, who is part of the Bakayimbira Dramactors and a veteran singer, arrived in Indian traditional attire. 

After the photo moments, revellers headed for the movie in the theatre as others went to the cocktail point.

With numerous twists and turns, the movie left many attendees in suspense about the villains and protagonists were.

The movie’s writer, Andrew Tumanyane, who doubles as the director, explained that it was an idea he got years back that turned into the movie.

“I hope you have all enjoyed the twists and surprises in the movie. I got this idea some time back and when I reached out to Aisha Kyomuhangi, she loved the idea and embraced it,” he said.

Kyomuhangi urged the public to support female filmmakers, noting that it is hard to compete as a female producer in a male-dominated world.

“Thank you for turning up in large numbers and for supporting us. I ask you to continue giving support to female producers. You know it is not easy to make it in this world as a female producer where most of the filmmakers are male,” she said.

Beneath Beauty’s cast and crew is made up of over 70% females. It is a dramatic thriller about Kaggwa Dave (Matovu Aloysius Jr), a man battling accusations of murdering his wife.

A young lawyer, Namara Jolly, is determined to get Dave out of the dock, but the evidence against him cannot bail him out.

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