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Pia Pounds “Twende Tupaate” tops Youtube’s Top 100 songs in Uganda

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Pia Pounds’ late bloomer of a single, the now sensational Twende Tupaate has topped YouTube’s Top 100 Songs in Uganda on the YouTube Music Global Charts. 

Released 11 months ago, it has over 580k views on the video streaming platform. It was closely followed by Ykee Benda’s Obangaina released three weeks ago, Azawi’s Slow Dancing from two weeks ago, An-Known’s Radio Call from two months ago and Kenzo’s Weekend, making the Top 5.
Over a week ago, Pounds released the Tupaate remix that was given a rather harsh reception by critics, especially in regards to Kenzo’s presence and contribution. They accused him of adding a verse short on creativity and attempting to steal the lady’s shine.
However, it is important to note that the criticism gave it mileage, with views now standing at over 400k in one week, close to what the original video achieved in 11 months.
The success of the single and birth of the remix is attributed to MC Africa who shared a video in July singing along to the song, telling himself he was broke, but with hope of getting money later to go party.

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