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Pia Pounds meets her ‘Twende Tupaate’ stan

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Pia Pound’s finally met her fan and Twende Tupaate song stan MC Africa who singlehandedly made it a hit with a single video vibing to it off a small battery cell radio. He got the song that was widely trolled after its release 10 months ago trending for the first time, becoming a social media sensation as a by-product. Pia Pounds was compelled to meet him on Friday, July 30, 2021. She shared a photo of them together on social media at ABM studios in Makindye, a city suburb.

She noted that the man has no smartphone and is selling her branded merchandise to get him one. “His wish is a smartphone. I am selling these T-Shirts and hoodies to make it happen”.
Well, social media did its thing and he is now a city events MC going by how he has been received and given opportunities. A very eloquent hype man with stage presence.
It is important to note that when Pia Pounds released the song, it was rubbished by a section of Ugandans who claimed it was a terrible song and Pounds was not talented enough. Some trolls even offered to pay her to quit music. However, the song, stuck at 5.5K views on YouTube is right now one of the most played songs because this man. 
And some Ugandans aired their opinions:
Sul Nash Benda: “Ugandans we should learn how to listen to Ugandan album or Eps before criticising I remember when @pia_pounds had just released this Tupaate song many people talked & they didn’t this song seriously now as we talk, Tupate is among the top trending songs in the country”.
@V_Ayebare: “Tupaate @pia_pounds song is now a hit no more explanation and bad energy about the song it is chuune. And if it was not for that guy in the photo, we wouldn’t have known about the tupaate song”.

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