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Pia Pounds accused of changing ‘Tupaate’ lyrics

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Pia Pounds has been accused by a section of local music consumers of changing her Tupaate song lyrics following its newly acquired hit status. This came after she posted the lyrics to the song on her Instagram page. 
According to her fans, the opening lyrics are far different from what they have been hearing and singing along too. 
She posted: “Ow’omukwano dis be di date. Gimme ya heart don’ close di gate. Nze gwobadde ononya jubilate. I won ya heart so mi won di bet. Baby boy don’t u delay. Jangu ngukuwe no more sweatin’. Njagala nkulage ma magic. Binyuma byokya u can relate. #twendetupaate.”
So, they assume because it unexpectedly became a hit, she sought to re-write the lyrics to fit the new status. 
Desire Derekford Mugumisa tweeted: “So none of you is willing to state that @pia_pounds has changed the lyrics to that first line? It is just part of the plan to push the song. The line was always ‘owomukwano nzikiride,’ talina kyangamba!”
@being_joweriah: This is very different from what I have been singing.”
@Vershabanks: OMG I used to sing ow’omukwano nzikiride, yiii.”
Tupaate suddenly became a Friday/weekend anthem after a video of a one MC Africa vibing to it off a small dry cell radio went viral. The song was not well received after it release 10 months ago, with some trolls asking to pay off Pia Pounds to quit music. Now the song has topped many local charts and been on top of Apple Music’s Top 100 Ugandan songs for days. 

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