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Physical elections are too expensive, UMA’s Electoral Commission

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
The Electoral Commission(EC) of the Uganda Musicians Association(UMA) has maintained its stand on organizing online elections despite criticism from Saha’s camp.
The EC chairman Geoffrey Jeff Ekongot said that the commission is maintaining the online elections because they do not have enough money to organize physical elections country.
“It takes too much money to organize nationwide physical elections yet online elections are simple, quick, and affordable…,” he said.
He hinted that the reason the commission postponed the elections was that they felt that some voters had not understood the election procedures and therefore they decided to give it more two weeks.
“Our aim to push the elections from May 23 to June 6 was because we wanted to give more time to people to learn more about the election process. We realized that in the past two weeks, voters had not the system so we decided to add in more two weeks…,” Ekongot said.
However, Lord Bitemu, one of the presidential contestants is not happy with the commission’s decision to postpone the elections.
“I do not know why the election was pushed to a later date yet all my voters were ready to vote today…,” he said. 
Phina Masanyalaze and Ragga Dee urged musicians to accept online voting because it is the new trend and organizing physical polls is costly.

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