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Pastor Wilson Bugembe apologies to Afande Lanek

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By Joan Murungi

Recently, the President of Uganda gospel musicians Denis Lanek alias Afande Lanek came out and blamed pastor Wilson Bugembe for not supporting gospel musicians.

He added that the Kani hitmaker has got a lot of connections but then, he hasn’t used this privilege to promote Uganda’s gospel musicians and their music.

However, Lanek praised Bugembe for being a talented gospel musician.

Speaking to the Kampala Sun about this, Pastor Bugembe instead apologized to him and advised gospel musicians to have trust in God.

“Let Lanek forgive me for having not supported him. Iam truly very very sorry. Gospel musicians I have supported helped are there.”

Bugembe went ahead and called upon gospel musicians never give up on their dreams.

To him, who knew that Kenzo would appear on the New York billboard? Who also knew that Kenzo would be nominated for the Grammy Awards? .

There are musicians who are not gospel musicians but are struggling with their music.

“Someone’s dream is individual. You can not tell someone to push it for you. Let us win together as gospel musicians and we should be glad how far gospel music has gone.”

“Gospel musicians should be God fearing and should also know the secret in fasting. I pray for my music and fast for it for the Lord to give it a push. Prayer is power. You can’t give God a deadline. Music is like seeds. Some yield and some die.” Bugembe said.

He reminded of when he had just joined the music industry. No one knew him and he struggled to make it happen. His song would only play on a Sunday and when he gave some Deejays his music, they would like and call it trash.

He revealed about how some gospel music keep on attacking fellow artistes because some of them came to seek fame and make money. He encouraged them to love what they are doing and have a dreams too.

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