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Pastor mysteriously dies in city lodge

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

He bade farewell to his wife after routine prayers on Sunday.  He told her that he was set for Kyenjojo, 244km from Kampala to respond to an emergency. He was, however, later discovered fighting for his life at a city lodge not far from his home and died on his way to Mulago Hospital.

The death of Pastor Alex Ssemanda of Power of Grace Church in Bujjuuko, Mityana Road has sent shock waves among his family and congregants.  They have failed to fathom what caused his sudden death and are at a loss of words.

Prossy Ssemanda,is yet to come to terms with her husband’s demise.  She is shocked that he met his death in a place far from the destination he communicated.

The rhetoric question on her and other mourners’ lips was how someone who hailed from Mityana Road would board to Kampala and yet their destination was Kyenjojo?  Did he think it wise to board from the main taxi park in Kampala?  If so, would it save him time or money?  The answer to the latter is no.

“He left home on Sunday after lunch.  He told me there were people he had to see in Kyenjojo very early the following day,” Prossy narrated.

The managers of Modern B Guest House on Rubaga Road reveal that Pastor Ssemanda checked into their facility on Sunday night and booked room 37.  He paid for one night.

Allan Agaba, the manager, says the youthful pastor checked in alone. He reveals that they, too, were shocked when, the following day during routine rooms service check, they found him lying on the floor semi-conscious and frothing from the mouth.  He died as they frantically tried to rush him to hospital.

“We are at a loss of words because we found the door to his room open. Would someone have accessed it, meted havoc and left? We cannot tell at the moment,” Agaba said.

When Police investigators combed the scene looking for vital clues, Agaba maintained that they saw no one accessing the ill-fated room 37.

Modern B Guest House is located in Sebalijja zone and is just a stone’s throw from the notorious Hannyz Bar, which in the past has been severally raided for harboring wrong elements.

“We are investigating whether there was intrusion from some wrong elements from the bars nearby,” an investigator told The Kampala Sun.

The Police are, however, curious to know how they were not alerted about the incident and yet the lodge borders their post on Musajja Alumbwa Road. “We were informed after the body had been removed from the scene,” the Police revealed.

In a recorded Police statement, the lodge manager says  the door to room 37 was found ajar and they imagined that the client had checked out.  To their dismay, they found Pastor Ssemanda fighting for his life.

“We never knew his identity. We were shocked too.  When we checked his possessions, we found a phone. It had, however, run out of battery. I retrieved the SIM card and called his contacts and that is how I managed to locate his family,” Agaba said.

Asked why he never alerted Police, Agaba claims they had hopes of resuscitating Pastor Ssemanda.  “I called an ambulance at 10:00am, which drove the victim to Mulago Hospital. Unfortunately, he died.”

Ssemanda’s body was later retrieved from the mortuary on Monday evening and taken to his home in Bujjuuko for burial.

Stephen Mukisa, the vice-chairperson of the Born Again Faith in Kigoma, described Ssemanda as a hardworking man, who, besides being a minister of the word, was also a mason.

“We are in touch with the Police to get to the root of his death. We, however, suspect he was strangled by wrong elements, who learnt that he had a lot of money on him.  As someone who co-ordinates building projects, he was in the habit of moving with large sums of money to pay workers,” Mukisa says.

The Police reveal that they are waiting for a report from the pathologist before proceeding with the case.

Pastor Ssemanda was buried yesterday (Wednesday) in Kakiri, Hoima road.



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