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Pastor Mondo to vomit sh10m in child support

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Franklin Mondo Mugisha is a pastor and businessman. In case you don’t know who exactly he is, he is that burly and flamboyant man, who, one time on an NTV Tuwaye clip, energetically said: “If you are a pastor and you are a liar, a womaniser… hell is waiting for you.”

Presently out of the country following what he terms as a ‘witch hunt’, Pastor Mondo’s current woes have put him straight in hell. A woman called Sarah Nakuya has claimed that he has not been providing child support for their son.

Although Pastor Mondo  initially came out to deny the paternity of the child, claiming that the timing had to do with fights from fellow pastors, he later back tracked.

Even without DNA results, which he vehemently demanded for before he provided support for his now 11-year-old son, he changed his mind and offered to fully support the child.

When Nakuya recently exposed him in the media, Mondo rushed and paid a sh280,000 deposit on the boy’s school fees of sh1.2m.  He blamed the small amount on COVID-19 woes, where churches were not in business.

However, in an exclusive interview with Vision Group’s Bukedde TV, Nakuya revealed that  Mondo is expected to make a payment of sh10m in arrears as stipulated by court. This is after defaulting for three years in child support.

“I have struggled as a woman to bring up his child. Whenever I tell him the child is sick, he claims to be worse off. He should go to court and pay for the three years he has defaulted. He was supposed to pay sh300,000 and he did so for two months. When I asked him for money, he went ahead and blocked me,” she narrated.

With hindsight, Nakuya revealed that looks are deceptive.  When she met Mondo almost 12 years ago, his appearance melted her.  When he said, “hello,” she gawked.  When he spoke, she was hooked.  A pregnancy followed and his true colours manifested.

“When I told him I was pregnant, he was calm and reassuring. He told me I was going to have a cute baby.  He rented a house for me on Entebbe Road, and we lived as wife and husband,” Nakuya said.

He woke up one day and left.

“He blocked me on all possible avenues. I only saw him two years after I had given birth. It took the intervention of Pastor Robert Kayanja for the meeting to happen,” she narrated.

Nakuya said Mondo acted like a doting dad when he saw his son.

Nakuya and the boy

“He owned up and even paid the boy’s fees for nursery school. He continued up to Primary Two and then gave up again. After I pleaded with him, he paid the boy’s fees until Primary Four,” she lamented.

Nakuya denied that she’s being used to spoil Mondo’s name.

“He knows his problems. He shouldn’t use me as a pawn in his battles with other pastors.  He knows the truth, let him face it,” she declared.

Nakuya said following her recent exposé on him, Mondo called her panicking, “Sarah… I beg you to withdraw that warrant and I do what you want…”  She refused to oblige.

“I refused basing on the hardships he had taken me through. I want him to take care of his son as he does for his other children,” she stated.

Nakuya relayed that Mondo was once relieved of his duties as a preacher at a certain TV when they learnt that he was a neglector.

“He brags about having money, how he cares for 27 people.  Why can’t he take care of my son? Is it too much to ask for?” she concluded





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