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Pastor Manjeri vows to attend ex-husband’s wedding

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Just when we thought Bethel Healing Centre’s Pastor Nalongo Irene Manjeri Katongole had milked her 15 minutes of fame, she is still at it.

Over the past few weeks, she has been traversing several media houses detailing how her marriage to her husband Dr. Vincent Katongole failed.

She also revealed that the man with whom she had been married for 21 years is planning to get married to another woman; how he wasted a lot of her time  despite giving birth to a set of twins for him.

In the latest spate, Manjeri, 51, who recently revealed she is hunting for a man, has also confirmed that she will attend her ex-husband’s wedding to his new wife.

“I am ready to attend Katongole’s wedding with his new lover if invited.  I will also carry a gift for them,” she said in an interview.

Katongole has repeatedly denied claims of infidelity levelled against him by Manjeri.

In an earlier interview, he claimed they had officially divorced many years ago and that he got tired of being mistreated by Manjeri.

While speaking in a live interview, Manjeri’s husband had the official court documents which showed that their marriage was officially dissolved by court.

According to Katongole, Manjeri is a very different person at home compared to her church persona, claiming she always threatened him with her close connections to State House and the then Inspector General Police, Kale Kayihura.

“I officially divorced Manjeri in 2002/2003 after she treated me badly many times. I only returned to live with her after being counselled by a number of pastors. She’s a very different person at home from what she is on the pulpit. I had become a slave in the house and was tortured a lot. She ordered the security guard to lock me out of the house over 14 times just because I had returned home late. But I have businesses that I run and can’t be dancing on a woman’s fingertips.

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