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Pastor Manjeri tips young women on ways to keep their husbands

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By Kampala Sun Writer  

Bethel Healing Centre Ministries pastor Irene Manjeri has advised young women to take care of themselves to prevent their husbands from straying.

“These young girls with overflowing stomachs, those who don’t wear bras, where the nipples almost reach the navel, please take care of yourselves. Don’t give him reason to look elsewhere. Unless he has been bewitched, he will not leave the ‘flower’ at home for another,” she said.

Last year, Manjeri and her estranged husband, Vincent Katongole, publicly separated. She accused him of infidelity. On his part, he said she mistreated him.

Manjeri, who gave the advice while appearing in an online interview recently, said at her age of 51, she regularly visits the gym.

“I don’t believe in gaining too much weight. I need to reduce my tummy since I am a mother of twins. I don’t want to look like I am pregnant yet I closed that chapter. So I have to go to the gym. It consumes a lot of my money.”

During the interview, Manjeri reiterated her love for make-up, comparing not having make-up to a car lacking fuel.  She further revealed that her clothes are dry-cleaned rather than washed at home.

“If you hang a black dress in the sun, it can change colour. That’s why I dry clean my clothes.”

Manjeri said her clothes come from Italy, London, America, Turkey and Dubai.

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