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Pastor Bugingo divorce: Court orders wife to surrender seven land titles, three cars

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By Kampala Sun writer

Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, the estranged wife of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, is in a spot of bother as their protracted divorce case goes on.

In the latest developments, the High Court in Makindye (Family Division) has ordered her to surrender seven land titles, three cars and marriage certificates, which have been in her possession.

Teddy’s troubles came to the fore after the ruling delivered on Thursday, March 31, by the high court family division, which ordered her to surrender cards for the cars and titles for land located in Wakiso, Mukono, and Kampala, their marriage certificates, and pay Bugingo’s costs he wasted in the divorce case file.

According to Vision Group’s Bukedde newspaper, the judge was convinced by Bugingo’s proof through his affidavit, which was filed in court to support the application, that the said documents were very instrumental in prosecuting his divorce case before the court.

Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, wife of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, gestures during an interview at her home in Kitende on Entebbe Road on  April 29, 2019

 Bugingo and Teddy in happier times

It was reported that Justice Joseph Murangira insisted that Naluswa knew very well where the said documents were kept because Bugingo left them with her when he walked out of their matrimonial house in Kitende, Wakiso in 2016.

The judge also refused Naluswa’s defence filed in court in her affidavit, seeking more time to look for the said documents, claiming that she is still sick.

Justice Joseph Murangira further directed Naluswa and her lawyers to take back Bugingo’s belongings.

Last week, Naluswa also lost the application to stay the proceedings of the divorce case in the High Court until the case in Entebbe Chief Magistrate’s Court is decided.




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