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Pastor Bugembe seeks permission from Halima Namakula to date daughter Rachel K

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By Hussein Kiganda

Popular city pastor Wilson Bugembe left his congregation in shock on Sunday, July 17, at his Worship House church in Nansana, Kampala when he asked veteran singer Halima Namakula whether her daughter Rachel K (real name Rachel Kiwanuka) is single.

Addressing Halima in front of the congregation, Bugembe explained that he was searching for a wife and if there was a possibility of making a romantic move towards Rachel K, he would make it.

He said if Rachel K was single and available, it would be better for them to get together through her (Halima).

“Is she still single? I am searching and if I go through you, the mother, it would be easier,” Bugembe opined. 

Bugembe’s suggestion left Halima dumbfounded.

“What is going on?” she wondered.

Halima might have been tongue-tied, but not the congregation, which shouted in excitement.

Singer Nina Roz, who was in attendance, kept smiling.

Bugembe later revealed that he was joking.

After the church service, journalists caught up with Namakula on what was going through her mind the moment Bugembe made the proposal and if she would allow her daughter to get married to the pastor.

“I heard it well from him. He is young and still searching, as well as Rachel and Nina, so he has options,” she joked and added, “As long a child makes 18 years, she is old enough to decide on her own, but I would support her if she is on the right track.”

The marital status of Bugembe, who is in his late 30s, has always been questioned and any lady that becomes his tight buddy is romantically linked to him. 

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