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Pastor Bugembe finally finds love

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Renowned city Pastor and gospel singer, Wilson Bugembe, has always frowned as quarreled as long as the subject is his love life.

Over the years, he has been linked with a bevy of beautiful girls; most of whom have since married.  Just when the world was ready to let him be, Bugembe has pulled a fast one on his followers.  He is in love.

On Wednesday, Bugembe took to social media to update his followers.  “I am in love” he wrote.  He posed with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Knowing Bugembe, many cast their doubts.  Some joked that Bugembe is in love with Jesus and not a mortal woman.

The pastor who is excited to be off the single people’s grid however refused to disclose details of the lucky woman who won his heart hence leaving some of his fans doubting his revelation. Many continued believing he was still single.

“Tomorrow he’ll say he’s in love with Jesus Christ. Let me not waste my congratulations,” Birungi Irumba commented on Bugembe’s post.

Over the years, a number of ladies in his Light of the World Church in Nansana have positioned themselves as potential hopefuls in a bid to be spouses for the renowned youthful pastor. Bugembe has refused to pick from any of them, leaving their dreams of becoming his better half shattered to debris.

Bugembe was even involved in a love dream where a woman from Oman known as Leira Bangi revealed how God had told her to marry him.   He fumed and she disappeared.  We are eagerly waiting for his bride to be.

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