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Pastor Bugembe details love troubles in new book, “Finding Her”  

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By Andrew Kwagala

An old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned is a well-known African proverb.  It is the same case with Pastor Wilson Bugembe when women are mentioned.

Well in his 30’s, Bugembe is among the senior bachelors in town.

Whenever the subject of his marriage comes up, there is always a buzz, with many rushing to do background checks on the women.  In all cases thus far, the results have been disappointing.

Now Pastor Bugembe is talking. His love life has been a catalogue of heartbreaks, wrong choices and near misses.  He details that in a yet to be published book titled, “Finding her”.

Pastor Bugembe says he is unapologetic about performing in bars. Photo by Andrew Kwagala

 The irony is that he intends to release the book on his wedding day. – Should his fans hold on with bated breath or are they waiting for Godot?

 In an exclusive interview with Kampala Sun at Vegas Bar and Chillout, Bugembe who performed at the bar revealed that he actually suffered a revolting heartbreak, which made him put matters of the heart on hold. “I am smarting from a heartbreak but I am healing,” he said.

Some of the revellers at Vegas Chillout during Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s performance. Photo by Andrew Kwagala

On his book, he revealed, “It is a work in progress but I can promise you it gives many insights into my life and challenges of finding a suitable partner. The book will come in handy for the youth, many of whom are faced with the challenges of finding a suitable partner,” he reveals.  

One of the revellers identified as Cornelius during Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s performance

His detractors who have found issues with Bugembe performing in secular bars, but he says he will not stop.   “It is 1:10am. I am in a bar in Kawempe and I am scheduled to perform. Just watch how I am going to turn these beer-loving fans into God loving people,” he says backstage.

This fan put drinks on hold and enjoyed pastor Bugembe’s performance. Photo by Andrew Kwagala

True to his word, when he starts performing, the bar is turned into a mini-Church with revelers singing along to his gospel songs albeit in a slurred manner.  There was also time for offertory and they made a beeline to give to the pastor.

Pastor Bugembe is adamant that even Jesus was called upon to preach the gospel to drunkards and some actually received salvation.

Lost in prayer during Wilson Bugembe’s performance. Photo by Andrew Kwagala

He reveals that he has a new song titled “Sinza” which was inspired by the love he has received from both the secular and Born-Again Christians.

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