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Party man Kanyike immortalised at favourite spot Old Tymerz

by Editorial Team
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By Steven Odeke

The last time I saw Allan Kanyike a.k.a The Dynamite displaying his signature dance stroke that worked mostly his arms was when Old Tymerz bar in Ntinda, Kampala, was celebrating its 10th anniversary. That was November 12, to be precise.

On that day, wearing a white shirt and black pants, with his black jacket knotted around his waist, and of course, his black fedora on his head, without a doubt (his signature line) he was having a blast.

Allan Kanyike with the singing duo of Radio and Weasel . File photo

So, it was really a good time (not really somber) on Tuesday night of celebrating The Dynamite’s life at a special Old School night held at the aforesaid spot. Kanyike passed away on December 22.

Pulling partygoers out of their homes or even ancestral villages during these festive times was a hard task but still they came to celebrate their own.

Kanyike would have enjoyed the night had he been alive because the DJs decided setlists that crossed generations. They did not stick to only 1990s and past as they are wont to do.

After all, Kanyike danced to anything, for as long as it was good music. He enjoyed live band music, the most. And would most times storm the stage to offer his appreciations to the performers.

Allan Dynamite Kanyike danced to anything as long as it was good music. File photo.

As an entertainment journalist, Kanyike and I met several times in the entertainment circles. We always hugged and he always patted me on the back. “I am retired but not tired,” he would always say.

He was a very resourceful man, as he would try to connect you to whomever you needed.

Allan Dynamite Kanyike in an undated photo with TV personality Douglas Lwanga. File photo

I remember when one time, I had taken my  ex-girlfriend out at the then Dinerz bar in Bukoto in 2015, and I left her alone to enjoy Stand-up comedy (I was really bored at the show going on) show and I stood by the bar side to catch some pints. Kanyike was smitten by the girl seated alone and he approached her, but she told him the guy is there (pointing toward me). On seeing it was me, he came and hugged me and we laughed.

A closeup photo of Allan Dynamite Kanyike. Courtesy photo

In November last year, we were on the road to Tooro region with Miss Uganda queens and other enthusiastic youthful domestic travellers. For the first time, I saw Kanyike really bored with the music played by the other travellers off their bluetooth speakers and he kept dozing and muttering a few things.

Since I knew what the Dynamite wanted,  I asked the girl who was playing music off her phone to allow me play some, to which she obliged. I played some Afrigo Band music. The really younger travellers on the bus got bored, Kanyike became alive. He never stopped dancing and swinging his arms on the bus, even when the bus stopped to refuel. My phone battery died. The music stopped. But he was still dancing. May The Dynamite’s Soul Rest In Peace.

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