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Alien Skinned: Pallaso thumps young singer to pulp

by Editorial Team
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By Jeff Andrew Lule

Controversial singer Patrick Mulwana commonly known as Alien Skin is in hiding after escaping police arrest last night.

In a video making rounds on various social media platforms shows the “Sitya Danger” singer jumping off a police patrol as security officers looked on.

The video shows a gang of boys following Alien, as Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso who was also on the patrol followed suit.

The arrest of Alien followed a scuffle with fellow artist Pallaso which ended up in a serious brawl.

Another video, shows Pallaso attacking Alien and slapping him, as he demanded to be respected, while others just looked on and recording with their phones.

But Alien who seemed helpless, only kept silent as he raised his arms as a sign of surrendering, without fighting back.

During the incident, it is alleged that one of Pallaso’s boys called in police to arrest Alien who later managed to escape.

However, Pallaso in one of the interviews claimed he had been provoked by Alien and his gang after they disrupted his rehearsals, ahead of his “Love Feat Concert” next month at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

“When i tried to talk to him, he instead started using ghetto jargon, disrespecting me, which annoyed me,” he added.

Pallaso later apologized to his fans and the public for his act, which he claims was a result of uncontrolled anger.

His act was condemned by the public on social media, with many saying he would have ignored Alien to save his image given his status, especially when the Kabaka just recognized him.

Others still believe it’s more of a stunt aimed at promoting his concert. 

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