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Pallaso not ready for feud with David Lutalo

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

There must really be something in a name if singer Pallaso, who is known to have a penchant for physical confrontation has shied away from attacking a singer named (loosely) feud (Lutalo)

David Lutalo took a jab at the Malamu singer with a scathing opinion on his music and his contribution (the lack of) that left him fuming. He said he shared his anger on social media saying he worked had to get here and for that reason, his career is in a better place at the moment that Lutalo is only better than him in history.

He has now said, in a YouTube Q&A that him and Lutalo actually get along, he was just surprised by the way he talked about him despite both of them having contributed to the local music industry.

Going by digital streams, Pallaso particularly said Lutalo is not his match. His YouTube streams and frequency of bookings cannot be compared, and that his fans have such a strong attachment to him that they can potentially become violent if he missed a concert, a kind of energy they cannot have if Lutalo did the same.

And, Pallaso scoffed at Lutalo’s singing with a shrill voice like he did in the 2000’s telling him to re-invent himself because the industry has evolved.

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