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Pallaso and I have never been friends – Alien Skin

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By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Alien Skin, he has never been friends with singer Pallaso so those asking him to forgive and work together should know they never shared anything warm like a friendship.

This was while appearing on a local television station this weekend, responding to a question on whether he will consider forgiving the Team Good Music head.

“We have never been friends so there is nothing like getting along. We just say we have buried the hatchet but in his heart, what was it that hurt him so much to have that much hate? It means it came from deep inside. So, we will just be doing it for the fans,” said Alien Skin.  

About claims that it was a collaboration that brought problems, he said they both sing differently. And even if that was the case, the world has seen who got angry, and also Pallaso’s songs won’t add a thing on his career.  

“His songs don’t add a thing on me because if they did, I would be hanging out with him. That’s why you see me a lot with Young Mulo, Champ Guddo. I know those that add value to my career,” he added.

A video emerged online last week of an angry Pallaso attacking Alien Skin for interrupting rehearsals of his Love Fest concert set for this month.

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