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Our love will not end in tears-Kulthum

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By Alex Balimwikungu

The late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s  widow, Dr. Kuluthum Nabunya has scoffed at detractors who have given their whirlwind romance a deadline.  She is adamant her affair with her new lover Akram Gumisiriza who has been branded a conman will not end in tears.

Speaking in an interview, Kuluthum also rubbished claims that Akram is a sangoma (herbalist) who survives by hoodwinking unsuspecting victims into buying his concoctions.

“All the words being spoken are out of sheer jealousy. Since I introduced Akram to my parents, I have been choked with a lot of hate words from many people who had romantic ideas with me. Sadly, I turned down their applications and this has turned into hate,” she reveals.

Recently, Akram’s ex-lover Tasha came out and accused him of diddling her of sh20m, which he used to marry Kuluthum.  Akram Gumisiriza distanced himself from the allegations

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