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Our love was not fake – Mr. Henrie on relationship with Prima

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By Hussein Kiganda

Radio presenter Mr. Henrie has addressed critics who have long claimed that his relationship with his former partner, Prima Kardash, was fake and designed to hurt Kardash’s ex-partner, singer Geosteady.

During one of his shows, while emphasising that even seemingly perfect relationships can come to an end, Henrie firmly stated that their love was genuine and sincere, despite its ultimate demise.

“Our love was not fake, it was so real. The fact that it ended means that even good and real relationships can end,” he said.

Henrie entered Prima Kardash’s life after she moved on from Geosteady. The couple revelled in the early stages of their romance, engaging in photoshoots and public outings, drawing attention to themselves.

However, their love story took a sorrowful turn when Prima Kardash appeared in the singer’s music video titled Sembera.

Observing the situation from a distance, Mr. Henrie chose to move forward with his life and has since refrained from being publicly associated with any other woman.

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