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Our fights were a ploy to drive out Congolese music – Bebe Cool

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By Ahmad Muto
According to singer Bebe Cool, the fights he had in the morning of his career with fellow singers, Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine were engineered to drive Congolese Music out of Uganda. He reasoned that the fights gave them attention and popularised their music, so they were not in vain because they achieved their goal. 
“When we started singing, people here were listening to Congolese music. We started the fights to get the attention of the public from the Congolese to our own music. But times have changed. You start fighting now, you lose fans in numbers,” he explained. 
He also added that contrary to reports that he has had physical confrontations with Bobi Wine, he says they have been verbal. However, he noted that he has fought physically with Chameleone before. 
Bebe Cool said this was while appearing on a local television station via Skype from Gulu where he is training artistes from that region on the dynamics of the music industry, after finishing his own over a week ago.

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