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Open stadiums hampering the art in drama, says Charles Ssenkubuge 

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By Hussein Kiganda

Charles James Ssenkubuge, a member of Bakayimbira Dramactors, has expressed concern over how open stadiums (ebisaawe) have negatively affect the art in drama.

The playwright explained that unlike theatre, where one can design a set to relate to a situation, it is not easy to do so on stage in open stadiums.

“Theatre is not like those open stadiums. In theatres, you can pull off any kind of art and it will remain intact. It may not be the case with open stadiums because you may paint or design a lake and the air blows it away. The audience might be watching and they see the lake water disappearing, and the play loses its meaning,” Ssenkubuge said.

Ssenkubuge and Aisha Kyomuhangi during a play by the Bakayimbira Dramactors at National Theatre called Olugendo lwe Ssese

Ssenkubuge is the brains behind Bakayimbira Dramactors, one of the oldest drama groups in Uganda.

He featured in prominent comedy series like Kigenya Agenya, Akakomo and Balagawa, which are now playing on television.

Ssenkubuge retired in 2016 to kick off his career in politics, but came out of retirement this year (2022).

In February 2022, the Bakayimbira Dramactors celebrated their 40th anniversary.


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