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Only I can maintain Angel’s lifestyle, Lwasa brags

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By Hussein Kiganda

Masaka city socialite Emmanuel Lwasa, known for his on-again, off-again relationships with women is back with Angel Kwakunda, the lady he parted ways with after accusing her of being a “village type”.

Appearing on TV, the tycoon was seen giving out money to Angel and she took off as soon as the cameras zoomed into her.

In an interview, Lwasa trashed claims that the two had separated and reasoned that Angel cannot be dated by any man other than him, because she is too expensive to maintain.

“She came to get her Valentine’s package and when I gave it to her, she left when she was happy. Angel is still my wife, who told you we separated? I don’t think there is anyone who can manage her except me. All the time, she needs money to look after herself and I give her whatever she wants, that’s why she looks so good,” he said.

Lwasa challenged all the men that would want to date her to test the waters. He is confident that they will give up on her because he feels that she is meant for him alone.

“If there is anyone who wants her, let him come and try their luck. They will even have saved me from spending. But I don’t think they will succeed,” he said.

Months ago, Lwasa flaunted another woman, from Tanzania, claiming that he had brought her in as Angel’s replacement. However, it ended in tears after she claimed she was brought in as a “machinery” to fill the gaps, but she had not been paid.

Lwasa maintained that the Tanzanian lady is still with him, and living in one if his houses.

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