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Nwagi slaps male fan for ‘bad touches’

by Editorial Team
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By Andrew Kwagala

Swangz Avenue artiste Winnie Nwagi is not a ‘joking subject’ . She slapped and assured a randy man who got touchy by caressing her bare thighs. The incident happened on Saturday 3rd June 2023 at Silverback bar and Restaurant along Salaama Road.

According to information at hand, Nwagi had been invited to perform during the hangout’s one year anniversary and there was a sizeable crowd. She came onto the stage to a rousing welcome following performances from Sama Sojah and Khalifa Aganaga. Seductively dressed in a cropped patra short, she went on with her performance.

As she performed, the crowd surged forward. It was them that a randy man, who ironically had a female date, tried to grope her. Nwagi snapped. She ordered the DJ to stop the music and went on a tirade, blasting the hapless ma;e reveller and lecturing him on how not to handle women.

After delivering a mother of all slaps she fumed, ” Never touch me again. I don’t tolerate nonsense. I am not a prostituire to be touched like that. You bypassed them on the streets and came here. It is even embarrassing that you are acting stupid with your wife here… respect yourself, I can beat the hell out of you,” she fumed.

The man shamefully left his wife and moved out of the venue embarrassed. It isn’t the first time Nwagi is slapping a male reveller. During a Valentines Day performance at Nexus Lounge, she slapped a fan several times for allegedly filming her between the thighs.

Nwagi who was performing in a short skirt noticed a male pointing the camera to her nether areas and first warned him against filming. The fan did not take the warning serious until Nwagi paused the performance for a few seconds to deal with the fan.

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