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Nwagi says she empowered thick women

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By Ahmad Muto
According to singer Winnie Nwagi, when she started music was when the line was drawn on thick women. She says she was judged harshly for the way she dressed, being accused of choosing short clothes, also invoking the fact that she is a mother among other “depressing things.”
She added that there was a belief at the time that thick women could not dance in music videos, the reason they only had skinny ones until she pioneered the change.
“They used to think a thick person could not dance in a video. We used to see skinny girls in those music videos dancing, but when I came to the industry, things changed. Like I came into the industry and brought force and energy. Thick people no longer fear and people now know they can dance,” she said.
She added that they are the best for her and she wants to see them love and flaunt their bodies. As for her, trolls will not stop her because that is how she is helping society, effecting mindset change with her lifestyle.

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