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Nsimbi releases visuals for “Rainfall” off Infinity EP

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By Alex Balimwikungu

The singing duo of Nsimbi (GNL Zamba and Miriam Tamar)  celebrates  the element of water in their 3rd video off of their EP Infinity, “Rainfall.”

According to the poetic GNL, Rainfall reminds us of the cyclical nature of life, as exemplified by the water cycle. Through the darkness and clouds we get rain, with every drop that touches the ground bringing sustenance on earth.

It is the gift of life that comes from the universe and its 7 heavens. Like a seed in a farmer’s field, water from the rainfall ignites and inspires growth in us. Water is nature’s on-switch from the universe, for the seed buried deep within us to open up and sprout so the journey of life can begin.

The alchemy of sunlight, water and earth ignites life- rainfall replenishes the soul and brings absolution from the past, feeds rainforests and fuels the ecosystems. Our energy flows like water. In this spiritual cycle our spirits imitate water as ice, vapor or fluid liquid.

“Rainfall” is part of a short film which is a visual album for Infinity, produced by Nsimbi / Swahili Nation. The Infinity short film was shot by Pest of Gratemake Films, choreographed by Lillian Maxmillan Nabaggala, set design and styling by Hannah Mugenyi, costumes by Abbas Kaijuka.

The singing duo of Nsimbi have released Visuals for Rainfall off the Infinity EP (credit: courtesy)

The Infinity short film is rich with motifs of the chakra color system which is used to bring awareness to blockages in the mind, body, and spirit through the 7 chakras running from the base of the spine to the top of the head. “Rainfall” highlights the rich green vegetation in Nkokonjeru, Mukono, Uganda which brings an aliveness to the corresponding heart chakra. Green suggests healthy relationships full of stability, endurance, serenity, calmness, balance, kindness, and compassion for yourself and others, much like the green we find in nature living symbiotically.

Like we find interconnected circles in nature, humanity is entwined in a way that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We are all here as individuals, with our own journey to follow, but it’s through human connection, shared humanity, community and love that we find meaning- when we love each other, our love transcends time, through generations, through friendships, through communities- we become infinite, as love is infinite. “Rainfall” highlights how cycles bring us back together like a forest, each with our individual personality, but diverse in species and function. Like the light through a forest canopy, it is beautiful when the stream of life is flowing through us and we can feel safe and loved when we come together.

About Nsimbi

NSIMBI is a Ugandan – American international award-winning duo formed by Ugandan hip-hop pioneer GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar. Building on the acoustic sounds and indigenous instruments of Africa, NSIMBI blends contemporary elements of “Lugaflow” hip-hop and spoken word with English/Western songwriting and vocals to merge the traditional with the modern.


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