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NRG’s mugagga millionaire campaign on

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

NRG Radio has embarked on an extraordinary campaign with one audacious aim, to transform their loyal listeners into millionaires.

The thrilling initiative, aptly named the “NRG Mugaga Campaign,” is taking the city by storm, offering everyday individuals a chance at life-changing wealth through the theme “NRG RADIO wants to make you a MILLIONAIRE”
Engulfed in an air of excitement, the resident of Kampala eagerly tune in to NRG Radio’s 106.5FM each day, poised to receive the vital clues provided on their shows. Social media platforms buzz with anticipation as followers diligently track the movements of the mysterious Mugaga, a man equipped with one million shillings
Every day, NRG radio listeners now scour the streets of Kampala, eyes darting from one individual to another, searching for the elusive Mugaga.
Once you identify the person, all the listener has to do is ask “Are you the NRG Mugaga?” If they say YES; the the winner takes the one million in cash.
The “Mugaga Madness” campaign is not only captivating the city but also transforming lives along the way, leaving a lasting legacy that would be cherished for years to come.

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