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No sex for Ugandans at Olympic Games

by Editorial Team
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By Julius Senyimba

Sports and sex are a case of petals and thorns on a rose flower, if handled well, you achieve big and the opposite is true.

This solely explains why athletes at the Olympics games especially the notoriously sex-crazed ones enjoy themselves at will without penalties from both their local organizing committees and the management at the games.

Actually, they make matters smooth and safe by providing condoms and designing beds that can withstand the bed rock actions from two well-built physiques. 

But, now, all this won’t be in place as the world’s best sports competitors are set to spend their nights on cardboard beds which some claims are designed to collapse under the weight while having sex.

Last month, Olympic officials warned 2021 Games participants to avoid Adam and Eve deeds because of the coronavirus and in the same line, they announced that they won’t be supplying condoms this time around.

Images of beds made of cardboard aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes are doing rounds on social media and big media houses plus athletes have gone on to react to the move. According to Dezeen Magazine, a total of 18,000 of the cardboard beds are in place.

Well, with this new adjustment of beds that can’t endure two bodies at a go, and the first of not supplying condoms, the village is bound to miss the night explosions that have been the case in the past.

Though, to those who can risk big, live auditions are an option and to long distance runners, two can share a bed fit for a rugby or a basketball player.  With the majority of Uganda’s athletes in the village being long distance runners the bed move might be a blessing in disguise. 

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