Friday, September 29, 2023
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No lady can propose to a broke man, St. Nelly-sade

by Editorial Team
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By Julius Senyimba

On a weekly basis a picture or two of a lady proposing to a man breaks the internet. Yes, ladies are breaking a leg asking men to marry them.

In an African setup, this should not be making news, but with the ever growing number of women activists, many fight this trend labelling them weak.

As they are being crucified for having low self esteem issues, renown rapper St. Nelly-sade Nsubuga thinks they do so because of the man’s deep pockets.

He stressed in a reply to veteran radio presenter Byg Kahuna’s tweet that read. “So ladies are now proposing to men or guys? Is this the new normal/trend also logical, kikola sense?”

In the comments section, the rapper had the most befitting answer basing on the number of likes and retweets.
“Yes, they are proposing to men who have money.”
In short, St. Nelly-sade was advising men out there to work hard if they want such a treat from the opposite gender.

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