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Nkumba university holds 2022 cultural gala

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By Simon Peter Tumwine

Nkumba University cultural gala has come of age as various ethnic groups from both Uganda and the neighboring countries held their cultural gala from Waterfront beach in Entebbe.

Just like the name suggests, the event is aimed at showcasing and celebrating cultural diversity within the institution which draws students from across Uganda, Africa, and the rest of the world.

In what is always an evening to remember, students engage in music, dance, drama, fashion, and even food exhibitions, all organized in respect to their culture.

It was all fun and games during the cultural gala. Photo Simon Peter Tumwiine

It was unbridled fun and splendor at the gala when the Baganda began their performance with a poem on how to brew “Mwenge bigere” and also the meaning of their dress code not leaving behind the four stars that are placed on the Kanzu.

The Baganda thrilled the students with their kiganda traditional dances such as Bakisimba, Muwogola, and Nankasa

The Buganda team put up a commendable performance during the cultural gala. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwiine

As iteso performed “Emaali” folk song, even the bafumbira, Bakiga and Batoro who don’t know the title and meaning of the song danced to its tunes because they never wanted to be left out of the fun.

Despite it being a cultural gala, the slay queen couldn’t remain in their beds or go watch Chelsea Vs Manchester United game. This was also their day out to one of Uganda’s beaches.

A male dancer does his thing during the cultural gala on Saturday. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwiine

Some of the most notable performances over the years have been, the Kadodi Dance by the Bagisu, The Orunyege Dance by the Banyoro, and the Bwola Dance by the Acholi.

A fan imitates the dancers on stage. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwiine
The students were vocal while supporting their respective traditions during the gala. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwiine
Buoyed by alcoholic beverages, some students lost their inhibitions. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwiine

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