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Njeru women play football in gomesi

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By Emmanuel Balukusa

Anglican women in Njeru municipality on Sunday celebrated their Christian Women Fellowship Day in style.

The celebration that was well attended by women from all the four parishes of Nakibizzi archdeaconry was held at St. Stephen’s Church of Uganda, Njeru.

Reverend Henry Katumba Tamale praying for the ladies before their football match. (Photo by Emmanuel Balukusa)

A lady serving the Nakibizzi deacon Rev. George William Kityo cake as they were celebrating the Christian Women Fellowship Day. (Photo by Emmanuel Balukusa)

The four parishes that participated included Njeru, St. Apollo Nakibizzi, Buziika and Bukaya parish.

Most of the women were clad in green gomesi, while others wore green T-shirts. The jolly Christian women first held prayers at St. Stephen’s Church Njeru to thank God for the tremendous work He has done for their families, community and Church. They also cut cake.

The celebrations ended with a friendly football match between Njeru against the other three parishes. No time to change – every woman entered the pitch in their attires. Some were in their gomesi, while others wore T-shirts and skirts.

Njeru was humbled with four goals to two.

A woman in a gomesi kicks a ball as her opponent looks on. (Photo by Emmanuel Balukusa)


Nakato Juliet, the Njeru team captain kicking the ball in the goal as the goalkeepr of Nakibizzi tries to intercept the ball. (Photo by Emmanuel Balukusa)


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