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Nince Henry, DJ Crim clash over starvation claim

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer and songwriter, Nince Henry has claimed that hard times visited him and refused to leave, now forcing to him to sell his Mercedes Benz to be able to afford a meal.

Over the weekend, he shared a post on social media asking willing buyers to contact him: “The last two weeks have been so tough for me. I have struggled to make things work from all angles but life eganye! I have been calling my fellow artistes for help but No one picks my calls! NOW IAM SELLING MY CAR TO GET WHAT TO EAT! kindly call +256 700 958 648 and we talk!”

However, some in the industry feel it is a plot to get public attention like he has been doing the last few months, from trolling Apass, to resurrecting the Elvis Basudde, Paul Kafeero supremacy debate. Disc Jockey George Agaba, alias DJ Crim accused him of trying to pull people’s attention to his brand and demanded that he finds new ways of doing it. He also accused the songwriter and releasing average songs.

@nince_henry, A man of your age & life experience should know that it’s never a good thing to play with people’s emotions in order to stay relevant or pull traffic for your stunted songs. One time you claimed to be Suicidal, now you’re claiming starvation. Please change!” tweeted DJ Crim.

Nince Henry hit back at the DJ accusing him of disrespect coming from a friend: “Sebo DJ Crim! All that raving is a complete ad hominem. There’s no reason for you to be disrespectful by confirming name calling against me simply because you want to tag along someone post for recognition! You’re a friend! A wise person would make a private contact to establish the exact truth about the post than going on a social media rant!”

He added: “I’ve had some respect for you but words are the vehicle of thought! All that anger is for what? I will not tag you but other will do! That was too cheap for you bro!”

According to singer Maro, this should be reason enough to have copyright enforced: “I just have to save this tweet bro coz this is our Ugandan industry and it’s nothing different from the daily lives of people of Uganda. Working as hard spending & saving so much to live but hungry and poor! Copyright should be enforced practically!”

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